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Things You Might Like to Know About Tennessee Chapter 32

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Tennessee Chapter 32 of the IRWA is a professional association composed of some of the best appraisers, attorneys, engineers, right of way agents, relocation assistance specialists and others. The association is unique in that it does not consist of people of only one field. Rather, it is the coming together of people from key professions which serve our cities, states and nation in the important matter of acquiring private property for the public good. The association’s members come from both the private and public sectors and include men and women from field personnel to managers at all levels of right of way activities.

The association accomplishes exceptional professional things by regularly meeting together, sharing their knowledge and experiences, presenting and participating in educational courses, writing technical and practical articles and publishing a regular chapter newsletter to keep our members and friends updated on what’s happening in the right of way field. Chapter 32 encourages and assists people in advancing professionally and in recognizing their advancements through professional certifications and designations. The Chapter also participates in the International Right of Way Association on both Region 6 and international levels.


Tennessee Chapter 32 has excelled in the presentation of educational courses in all of the fields related to right of way acquisition. Courses presented by the Tennessee Chapter include those related to: law, appraising, engineering, effective communications, relocation assistance, property management, and other areas related to acquisition of private property for the benefit of the public.

With an emphasis on education, Chapter 32 has presented a host of professional courses in major cities throughout the state. Over time, the chapter has had a number of outstanding course instructors who have taught professional courses in many states. Over the years, chapter members have established special course criteria for furthering specific education in plans reading, condemnation, wireless communication and railroads.

The Distinction of Hosting Two International Seminars:

1985 - In 1985 Tennessee Chapter 32 hosted the International Seminar for the IRWA at Opryland in Nashville. That Seminar is still remembered as one of our association’s best!

2016 - Tennessee Chapter 32 has been given the honor of hosting another International Education Seminar in 2016. Chapter 32 won the opportunity to host that seminar at the International Board of Directors’ meeting in Atlanta in June of 2011. Presently the Chapter is excited and pursing preparations for that Seminar which will again be held at Opryland in Nashville.

Extraordinary Awards:

Over time, the Tennessee Chapter has been recognized with a number of extraordinary  honors including various awards which have been given to Chapter 32 members. The highest recognition given by the International Right of Way Assn. is the Balfour Award which is the “Professional of the Year” for the association worldwide. Twice, Chapter 32 members have received the Balfour Award. There have also been several Balfour finalists from Tennessee.

Other Honors:

Tennessee has had the honor of having four of its members who have  served as Chairman for Region 6 (SE United States). The Chapter has proudly sent various members to serve on regional and international IRWA committees. Chapter members have also served with distinction in other related professional organizations.

Professional Designations:

Historically known for its focus on continuing professional development, the chapter has many members who have received the senior designation – SR/WA – of the International Right of Way Association. The chapter also has members who have received certifications in specific fields of endeavor.

Professional Assistance Incentive:  

The Chapter’s current goal is to help all individuals in the Right of Way field achieve IRWA certification and designation.  To that end, our Education Committee has established an incentive program. In that program, the chapter is offering a one-year membership to any individual who accomplishes the level of education necessary to achieve that goal.


Tennessee Chapter 32 of the American Right of Way Association was chartered and established in the state of Tennessee on February 11, 1960. A record of the chapter’s past presidents and other historical information is available in this website.


List of Chapter 32 Past President's

Chapter 32 50th Anniversary Celebration

Chapter 32 Balfour Award Recipients

Paul Burrow, SR/WA - 1992
Carol Croft, SR/WA - 1999