Course 225: Social Ecology – Listening to Community

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Course Description
As any right of way and infrastructure professional will tell you, creating positive community engagement and impact is vital to the success of any infrastructure project. But they will also tell you that this is much easier said than done! This course will provide you with those vital leading edge skills to approach community engagement from a unique cultural awareness perspective- putting community first, at the front-end of the project, by actively listening to and engaging with the very people that will be impacted by the project. Participants will learn essential information on how to create authentic community engagement, how to discover human patterns that organically exist in the community, develop solutions to mitigate impact, and how to honestly listen to the people in the community in their own environment by learning how to visit the local restaurants, libraries, schools etc. where “life happens”. With this new knowledge gained, infrastructure- based companies will able to incorporate community needs in the acquisition process.

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